The gospel is good news!

It was a warm and beautiful day in the jungle.  My name is Raimundo, I’m an evangelist and I  had been helping construct a new church building in the village of San Ramon on the Chapuri river.  The Condoshi (Kandozi) tribe live in this remote region and we were working hard in the heat of the day when news arrived from the neighboring village  that one of the Condoshi young men killed a government worker and wounded the boat driver as well.  He had been drunk and got into a dispute when he fired his gun.  This was terrible news as the village this government official was from was the third person killed by Condoshi people in recent times and fear began to spread among the Condoshi.   The people grabbed some belongings and fled into the deep jungle away from the river fearing retribution. I went with them and to be honest I feared for my life as well.  Then I remembered what God has called me to do and I prayed for courage and boldness.  I took this opportunity to share the gospel with the hundreds of families that were in a time of crisis.  More than three hundred people received the good news and came to faith in Jesus Christ.  When they asked me what I thought should be done I shared that the young man should be taken to the proper officials and police.  We came out from the deep jungle back to the river and met with the police who had come to investigate.  A meeting was set to meet with the officials from the village of the murdered man and the young Condoshi perpetrator was brought out and handed over to the police.  In the midst of terrible news, the good news of Jesus saves, redeems and brings wisdom from above.  A tribal warfare was averted as the gospel is lifting people out of desperate situations.  The Kingdom of God is advancing and we ask for your prayers to travel to places of darkness and death with the light of the gospel.

Evangelist Raimundo Navarro