If We Build It

This little village church was built 11 years ago. The people love God so much that all they needed was a donation of iron sheets for the roof and gas( petrol) for their chain saws and they cut down wood for themselves in the forest and built the church. They use cow dung for the floor.

We had a great time with them. Rey shared the testimony of his miracle, the team prayed for people and they were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and healings took place. The pastor who was losing his sight received a touch from the Lord and new joy and peace replacing the despair that had come upon him. For $200 you can sponsor a village pastor to attend the MEPI subsidized bible college.

For $1500, this little church can be rebuilt with fresh wood and a cement floor. The people will literally cut and prepare their own wood only needing petrol for the chain saw. I pray God speaks to some of you to support the work of God as we bring life and hope in Jesus to these people.