Healing Hugs

During my time here in Peru, God has been developing in me a gift of healing. Thank you for all of your continued support in prayer.

As you have heard, on our trips to various tribes and villages, our team has witnessed people with all types of pains and illnesses healed. But it was in the Yahua Tribe that I had a special revelation.

There in this village off the river, we were greeted by short, sun-kissed people wearing grass skirts. They were so warm and welcoming!  There, a woman named Sylvia approached me for prayer. I placed my hand on her back, rubbed it and said, “Donde es tu dolor?” (Meaning: Where is your pain?)

Immediately, her eyes lit up!  It was then that she began to mimic me (rubbing my back) while stating something dramatic in Spanish.  I looked helplessly to Beth, my translator, because I had no idea what she was saying.

Beth then said, “Gloria a Dios!”  I was excited but confused. I didn’t understand what just happened. Beth explained, “As soon as you touched her, the pain went away!”  My eyes filled with tears of joy, surprise, and gratitude! God knew exactly what we needed before we even said it!

Time after time, healing took place almost immediately when I either hugged, touched or rubbed the backs of these women and children. And it occurred to me that was how Christ interacted with people too. Christ not only healed people but he also lovingly touched the people.

All that to say, sometimes an embrace is loud and clear, and a hug is healing. Hugs speak and hugs heal, so go on ahead and hug someone!

Love & HealingHugs,