Beth Pepper & Jon Clark

Beth believes that being in the Amazon rain forest can change lives…forever, especially hers.  After warding off insects of every kind and size, surviving the affections of a pack of woolly monkeys, getting stuck on river sand bars, she still LOVES leading teams.

Sharing God’s creation and redemptive HOPE/LOVE together with the Peruvian people is a joy.  Serving as team leader/ liaison to over 20 teams in the past three years has expanded the women’s ministry with annual conferences, medical/dental teams, as well as young adult teams.

The other working part of her life is coaching LifeGroups at her home Church of LifeBridge.  Joys and Dramas are sailing with her husband Jon, keeping up with her young adult kids, making sure the youngest, the caboose, gets in on the fun and action too!