Bill & Carlene Pepper

Bill was raised in a Christian home and came to Christ at seven years old.  He was filled with the Holy Spirit at 14.  As a teenager he preached in street meetings and youth groups.  He attended Bible College for two years.  

Since finishing school Bill has been full-time in ministry.  He met Carlene an American missionary in Peru.  They were both called to the Amazon jungle.  Bill states, “I met this wonderful lady with the same calling, we were in love”. Carlene had been working with the Hunters, missionaries in Lima. They were married in 1964, began ministering in the Amazon jungle and have 3 children and 10 grandchildren.  They lived 13 years in the Amazon jungle region of Peru where 37 churches were established, a Bible School, and daily radio program.  The work has now grown to over 150 churches with the continued effort of the Peruvian people combined with the many teams from America who assist in teaching, construction, conferences and support for various projects.  

Church on the Rock in Wasilla, Alaska that was planted by their son David is their home base.  Bill is a personal friend to some 80 plus pastors.  He preaches in their churches about 10 weeks a year often with the emphasis of missions or leadership training.  He also helps to oversee stateside churches.

Over 1000 people have gone to Peru on short term missions trips and assisted in some form of ministry.  Also Bill and Carlene have taken teams into 16 other countries and held campaigns of over 20,000 people.

Bill continues to travel extensively teaching leaders in dozens of nations with a special emphasize recently toward those in severely persecuted countries.  Bill’s notes are being translated into an increasing number of languages.