Beth Pepper & Jon Clark

Beth Pepper and her husband Jon Clark live in Seneca, South Carolina with their 4 children. Beth was born and raised in Iquitos, Peru until age 11. The Peruvian people have always been close to her heart. In 2013 her husband Jon felt called to “do more for Peru.” Beth, and her children, Jackson and Madison, spent two and a half months living in Iquitos and traveling along the Amazon and it’s tributaries visiting, encouraging, and taking the gospel to the believers in the MEPI mission group.

Currently, Beth is a team leader for Amazon Outreach and will be taking various teams to Iquitos to minister to the people groups on the Amazon and it’s tributaries. Beth says “It is incredibly fulfilling to utilize all my life’s passions, experiences and skills and be able to serve the Lord in this capacity at this time in my Life. It’s through The Lord’s calling, the support of my husband, four children, family, friends and church family at LifeBridge that have brought me to this place to do those Good works God has prepared in advance for me to do. It’s humbling and oh, so thrilling to be on Mission with Amazon Outreach and take part in God’s plans!”