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The Peruvian people are diverse with estimates of 32 million people in this South American nation.  Indigenous people make up 45% of the population with 92 distinct languages spoken in Peru.  The tribal people in the Amazon Basin live in a beautiful yet harsh environment.  70% of the people in the Loreto Region of Peru are living at the poverty level or below.  This area is in Northeastern Peru and is the largest region of the Amazon.  Malaria, Dengue Fever and other illnesses oppress the people living here.  Yet many times we hear the testimony from individuals thanking God for the blessings they have.  It is a privilege to work among these humble people. This region is where much of the focus for Amazon Outreach takes place and we enlist your prayers for the light of the gospel to travel to every tribe and village.


About Amazon Outreach

Our History

The Ministry of Amazon Outreach had its beginnings when Bill and Carlene Pepper began ministering in the Peruvian Jungle in December 1964.  They began evangelizing on the Tapiche and Nanay rivers and soon had many disciples.  A Bible Academy was started in January of 1968, with the first students attending in a rented facility.  By 1970, a facility was built to house students and hold classes in Iquitos to train and equip ministers of the gospel.  In 1976, the Peppers moved to Alaska and the Peruvian leaders they discipled began to lead the organization in Peru know as MEPI. Continued below…

Bill and Carlene continued to give oversight and help to the Peruvian leaders. The organization has planted more than 150 churches in Peru and also trained leaders from Ecuador, Colombia and Brazil. There are Bible Academies in both Iquitos and Contamana.  Mobile Schools are held in 4 outlying regions to train leaders and equip new pastors.  In 2014, David Pepper replaced Bill Pepper as the President of Amazon Outreach. Amazon Outreach is a non profit organization in the U.S.A that continues to give oversight to MEPI, organize missions teams and raise resources for projects, the academies, evangelists and outreaches.



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    Please consider going on one of our next medical, church building or leadership conference trips.

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    That The World May Know

    If you are a part of a missions-focused church for any length of time, you will hear of incredible stories, testimonies of God’s power and grace, tragedies that face people all over the world and the triumph of God’s Kingdom prevailing over all things. You will hear about the people they visited; their great hunger for the gospel and the love and joy that flow from them, amidst extremely challenging life circumstances. (more…)

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    Healing Hugs

    During my time here in Peru, God has been developing in me a gift of healing. Thank you for all of your continued support in prayer.

    As you have heard, on our trips to various tribes and villages, our team has witnessed people with all types of pains and illnesses healed. But it was in the Yahua Tribe that I had a special revelation. (more…)

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    If We Build It

    This little village church was built 11 years ago. The people love God so much that all they needed was a donation of iron sheets for the roof and gas( petrol) for their chain saws and they cut down wood for themselves in the forest and built the church. They use cow dung for the floor. (more…)

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